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From the Heart

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The Darkest Place
Rainbow's End
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I do not have a voice

Pretty Little Girl


Pretty little girl why do you weep so?

Are you lost, afraid, alone?

Do not worry little child,

I will help you find your way back home.


Where’s your mummy, where’s your daddy

Do they know that you are missing?

Or are you supposed to be with someone

Tell me, who is baby- sitting


Pretty little girl, why shed those diamond tears

Is there no one you can turn to?

Alone in this dark city your cries fall on deaf ears

Have you run away, what did they do to you?


I hear what you are saying, now

That you cannot return

To the place you have escaped from

For if you do, you will come to harm


Pretty little girl, poor child they say

But they do not try to assist

As they pass you by along their way

Your true plight in their ignorance they have missed


 How long have you been on the city streets?

Twenty days did I hear you say?

It is a harsh place for such small feet

As Christmas music the brass band play


Pretty little girl, such a fragile child

As you wander into the crowd

I call to you come back my child

But the flurry surrounds you like a shroud


Overwhelmed by the bustling swarm

Alas, your silhouette is eclipsed

By drone- like Christmas shoppers

Trying to find what is on their list


To find you shelter, food and safety

I would have liked to assist

For, surrounding you these things are plenty

That you somehow have missed


Pretty little girl, I hope one day you will find

A sanctuary to keep you safe

Always in my thoughts and on my mind

Will be this day, when I first saw your face