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From the Heart

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Forever together, that’s the promise you make

Loving each other and all others forsake

Sealing your pledge, vowing never to part

Bound by a ribbon, embracing your hearts,


Forever together, both soul-mates & lovers

A more sturdy couple, could not be discovered

You complement each other, like peaches and cream

Now as one, both united, realising your dream


Forever together, through good times & bad

Shared promises & moments, the joyful & sad

Wise love is not hard, however, is an intricate web

Caring for you always, especially now you are wed


Forever together, may I wish you the best?

For your future together, will truly be blessed

I love you both dearly, my brothers, unified

Bound by the ribbon of love, passion & pride


May you be………….

                          Forever together

Two friends of mine were having a Civil Ceremony (marriage) and had asked me to write a poem for them. Of course, i was extremely honoured, especially when it was read out during the ceremony. I love them to bits!!

Gay Pride Event 2007