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From the Heart

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The place of an Angel



In life you was the sweetest, with honesty unrestrained

You carried a wondrous aura, a scent which still remains

I never truly realised the sincerity of your love

But I now know you always were my angel, my turtle dove


The time we spent together, was precious, sweet and true

With you I had the fortune of being, never feeling blue

In the place of an Angel you now rise tall and bold

Leaving me the cherished memories, I will forever hold


Memories of love and laughter, wishes, joy and sorrow

Loving each other frantically, yet, eager for each tomorrow

Expectant of a superior passion to those the previous days

I thank you darling for these things, for your unselfish ways


I now wait for the moment, declaring my time to depart

To go to the place of an Angel, to rejoin our precious hearts

For this life is long and arduous, for me all on my own

I yearn for reality, not memories, of the love that I have known