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From the Heart

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Thankyou Darling


You have left me all alone here,

 Now I am on my own.

Yet, I will not be sad, but

 Will cherish the love that I have known.

For sixty years, we did stay true

 To each other and ourselves.

Now it is my time to be alone,

To live here by myself.


As you gaze down from heaven,

Do not feel sorrow for my plight,

For, I have wondrous memories,

 Of those amazing days and nights.

The time we shared together,

Was never squandered, adulterated,

Because, early on we swore,

 It must always stay untainted.


I thank you darling, with sincere heart,

For loving me as you do,

For love, eternal, relentless,

Bequeathed to me by you.

I know you watch me daily,

That is why I feel safe, secured,

Because you bestow upon me, love,

 By you, I am still adored.