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From the Heart

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Precious Friend


Although I find it hard to say, exactly how I feel,

I know you somehow realise, to you it’s no big deal.

Even when I find it awkward, to say what’s on my mind,

You always give me confidence; in you assurance I find


You will always be the dearest, most precious of my friends, 

Although, to tell you to your face, I once was too restrained.

Now, I am able to confess, just what it is in my heart,

You are my treasure, my mentor; of my life you are a big part.


You have enough unselfishness to share with everyone,

That is why, I say to you, you are my most precious one.

When I am down you lift me up, to you it’s no great chore,

That is why, my dearest friend, your self I do adore.