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From the Heart

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The Darkest Place
Rainbow's End
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The Place of an Angel
Troubled Lives
What is this War?
Angel's Wings
Stay in Touch
Screaming Sirens
Screamin' Sirens
Pretty Little Girl
Precious Major Oak
Precious Friend
Potters' Wheel
My Friend, My Foe
Forever Together
Ever True
Crackling Leaves
Young Soldier
I do not have a voice

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Favourite personalities; film stars and singers...

here are just a few!!

  • Lee Evans & Peter Kay (their Stand-Ups have me rolling in laughter!)
  • Faith Hill (your still here; I aint gonna take it anymore; Like we never loved; Stealing kisses); Madonna (Cherish; Crazy For You); Freddie Mercury & Queen (Bohemian Rhapsody; Who Wants to Live Forever; You're My Best Friend; I'm Going Slightly Mad) ; Meatloaf (Two Outa Three; For Cryin' Out Loud); Phil Collins (Another Day in Paradise; Against All Odds; Easy Lover; Tearin & Breakin Down); Nickelback (Hero); Greenday (When September Ends); The Three Tenors - Pavaroti; Carreras & Domingo.... And Many, Many More...
  • Tom Hanks; William Peterson (CSI Vegas); Antony Hopkins; Vin Diesel (to name but a few)

I absolutely love Tom Hanks' films (especially The Green Mile; Forest Gump & Sleepless In Seattle)