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From the Heart

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I do not have a voice

My Friend, My Foe.


Though my colour and my race may draw you to repulsion,

Not my colour, nor my race, but your hatred is in question.

I am human, of your being, yet I you cannot face,

Your attitude towards me, I think is a disgrace.

Black or white, Asian or Jew, one eye, one leg or two,

We’re made up of the very same, we’re both human, me and you.


I don’t mock or scorn your imperfections, nor do I insult your name,

Yet you cannot leave me alone, say my colour is to blame.

Hatred is a powerful thing, inside each and every man,

Who cannot control it, or even wants to, because they feel no shame.

But one thing is quite certain; this thing I know is true,

I my friend shall not be outcast, for I am strong like you.


Though your strength comes from a rage, burning deep inside,

I have strength to carry on, for of my roots I have great pride.

Don’t fool yourself to believe that I’m afraid of you, your kind,

I will always be beside you, always on your mind.

For when you kill me, when I breathe my last, when you think you’ve won,

Remember this I say to you, my friend, my foe, the one.


You were the one, who killed a man, now you must pay the price,

What price the colour of my skin, you were not very wise.

For there are others just like me, in whom you’ll see my face,

I’ll haunt you ‘til your life is done, for you cannot kill a race.

Remember one thing, ‘twill always be, one thing I am quite sure,

If you kill for the colour of skin, you will want to kill some more.


But you cannot wipe out a nation; you cannot kill for hate,

For if you try you’ll kill yourself, then it will be too late.

Too late to say you’re sorry, to say that you were wrong,

That you were just so narrow minded, to realise I belong.

I have a life, I have a family, and I have lots of friends,

They will live when I am dead, see, the circle has no end.

Artists Against Racism