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From the Heart

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Precious Major Oak


Bold and beautiful you are, precious major oak.

Although, round your body stand towers of strength,

to support your outstretched arms.

Older than the rest, proudest you still stand.

They come from near, from afar,

to gaze awe inspired at your charms.


Incalculable is the wealth; of ages you have seen.

Beloved the emotion felt by all that wonder,

how such beauty came to be.

Youngest child to oldest man with awe,

do chance upon your grace.

Although, surrounding your fertile branches is a mystery.


How can it be so that you have stood, for such a longest time?

The question often asked of you.

Yet, 'til you die the answer will not be clear.

You have seen the times through all their changes.

If a voice you had; many tales you could tell.

How, then, that I may gaze at you and not yield forth a tear?


You are a living entity, standing bold and proud.

Yet I do not weep for the day you stand no more;

rather, my emotion is one of hidden grief.

What will happen to you when, alas, you die?

For the people of Nottingham and its shire,

'twill be a time of disbelief.


A treasure shall be lost, forever in its time.

No more will stand the Major Oak,

its branches splendid, its legacy lost forever.

When will the time come pass you by,

when, alas, you stand proud no more? Ne'er mind that now.

For now to keep you strong is what we do endeavor.


Bold and beautiful you are, precious Major Oak,

A symbol, an icon, a statement.

You could tell of Robin Hood and all his merry men.

You could tell of poverty, riches amass.

Yet, you do not boast of this knowledge;

leave us here to wonder what really happened then.

The Major Oak; Sherwood Forest; Nottinghamshire; England; UK

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