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From the Heart

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I do not have a voice

    I Do Not Have a Voice


I do not have a voice, nor do I have a name

  I am not something you can touch, nor am I a game

I am a simple minded thing, that you can come and see

If you come to the zoo today, you can come and laugh at me


I have been here, behind this glass for almost seven years

Watching you, as you watch me, clean behind my ears

As I sit on top of my bed of straw, I see you pulling faces

  So I respond to you cordially, as you bend over to tie your laces


Do you really think that it is fun, to keep me here so long

All because somebody said for a species to be extinct is wrong

How would you feel if it was you who was on the receiving end

Of people laughing, pulling faces, my weird looking friend