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From the Heart

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The Darkest Place
Rainbow's End
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I do not have a voice

Potters’ wheel


Balls of clay on potters’ wheel

With our lives we can equate

Moulded into something wondrous

Unexpected, dependant upon our fate


Each gentle caress, from the potters’ hands

Forming who we are to be

If they make a mistake, they may try again

Restructuring the future for you or me


As children we learn the difference

Between what is right and wrong

When, adults we become, we may seal our fate

Choose to be weak or strong


Fractures may appear in our selves

As fine as a babies hair

Still, we may prefer to ignore them

Or, the damage we might repair


It is up to us to prepare ourselves

To help us to be strong

Be ready for all life throws our way

To make our life an exceptional one