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From the Heart

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The Darkest Place
Rainbow's End
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Stay in touch


You know how much I’ll miss you, when you are gone to war

I know you’ll be thinking of me, just as you have before

Each moment we are apart, will be a moment too long,

But, while apart my darling, we must, as one be strong


Devoted I know you are, to being the best you can

Telling me not to worry, my loving, unselfish man

I kiss you goodbye my darling, with an anxious heart

Terrified that this dreadful event, will keep us forever apart


Now, as I wave you on your way, to the stricken land

I clutch the child we love so dear, and wave his tiny hand

You turn back to us and smile, then continue along the track

Tears rolling down your cheeks, wondering if you will be back


Before you board the carrier, I shout to you my dear

Please ensure your safe return, because loneliness I fear

Contact me, by whatever means, obtainable to you

Because, while you are gone, I know, I will be extremely blue


Selfish my thoughts, I know, but I just cannot hide

The pain of saying goodbye, as you relinquish my side

I look forward to the day, when you return to me victorious

But, for now my darling, goodbye, don’t forget to stay in touch