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From the Heart

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The Darkest Place
Rainbow's End
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Ever True
Crackling Leaves
Young Soldier
I do not have a voice
Although I have been interested in poetry; story writing and art since I was very young, I didn't really take it seriously until friends of mine commented positively on some of my work. I completed a course not long after, which included a section on creative writing and when my tutor read the first story I wrote, he showed it to some of his colleagues. This fact and his & their comments, inspired me to write more stories.
I first entered an online competition and entered poems, from where I received some really positive feedback and my poems published on the web. In 2002, I entered a poetry competition and had my poem published in a book (this was the first book I had been published in & I was thrilled).
It was then suggested that I build my own website, which was a really positive experience, to begin with, but I had a few really wierd emails from some rather strange people, so I unpublished my website.
This site is my second edition!!! Hopefully, I will receive much more positive, or constructive comments. I have purposely left my email address out;however, you can still contact me via my guestbook and i WILL get back to you.
I am artistic in many ways, but any artist (whether literary, or other) needs inspiration...and I have had plenty of that! However; I do sometimes get 'writers block', which is annoying, because the amount of stories I am halfway through writing, is unbelievable! I really must stay focused and finish them (but thats a different story!)

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