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From the Heart

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The Darkest Place
Rainbow's End
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I do not have a voice
The first time I was introduced to Haiku, I fell in love with the idea of these sweet, short little odes.
Here are a few of my own...
They are not all the Traditional Japanese form of Haiku, (3 lines of 7, 5 and 7 syllables) but are just as snappy and thought provoking, I feel

A Memory

She takes in her surroundings                                                          

by blinking her eyes                                                                           

then closing them, remembers                                                          




Love gives us hope in our lives                        

strength to persevere                                          

a great sense of belonging                                 




Children are like small flowers                         

from buds they mature                               

into beautiful blossoms       




Loneliness is whatever

the person perceives

a good thing, a bad thing, perhaps



Young Minds 

Who knows what goes on

in the minds of young children

it is their world, not ours





Take it, free of charge

I can persuade you, maybe

To take my advice