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From the Heart

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Screamin’ Sirens


Sirens scream out o’er villages ‘n’ towns,

Men ‘n’ boys trudge throught’ streets.

Eyes lined black, lungs jam packed fromt’ coal dust,

Snap boxes in ther ‘ands, steel tipped boots on ther feet.

Yet thee still smile.


Wives andt mothers stand int’ doorwis,

T’ wave the loved ‘ns “away now dyear?”

Aprons donned fo the day full o’ chores,

Ther ‘arsh wok ‘ard, not mere,

Yet thee still smile.


Ast’ troops mek ther way throught’ colliery gates,

Thee tonn back fer a fleetin’ look,

At’ wives and mothers thee may ne’er see agen.

Theirn is a dangerous job, wokkin’ int’ mine full o’ muck,

Yet thee still smile.


T’day, a young ‘n’ wer crushed t’ death,

Beneatht’ collapsed coal face.

Poor kid, e wa’ only twelve, still a lad,

Shun’t ne’er wokked in tha’ place.

Thee don’t smile n’ more.

This is the original, but is hard to understand / read, if you dont understand the local accent